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Dryer Repair

The dryer is a very convenient appliance to have in your home. When this unit is operating efficiently it makes it very easy to dry your washed clothing effectively. At Appliance Repair Franklin Township we take pride in our ability to provide the best all around dryer service in the area. Our friendly technicians have the factory training, on the job experience, and industry specific knowledge to provide the installation, maintenance, and repair of these popular appliances. We have honed our skills over the years to the point that we have become the dryer specialists in the region.

Dryer Repair service in Franklin Township receives our full and unwavering dedication and focus. Franklin Township Appliance Repair has earned a quality reputation for fast response, effective results, and competitive rates. We will address issues with any dryer make or model. You can call us for problems with your top load dryer or your front load washer and dryer and we will get your unit up and running again. Some of the most common problems we encounter are bad heating elements, switches, and broken belts.

Quality Installation and Maintenance

We offer excellent dryer installation service for your home. We will make certain your unit is accurately connected to the dryer vent that directs the intense heat outside the home. It is important that this vent is kept clean from lint and other debris or it can become a serious fire hazard. You can also choose from a number of maintenance packages that offer cost effective solutions to repair prevention. We will correctly maintain all of the appliances in your home at a very reasonable price.

Whenever you experience any problems with your dryer always notify our professionals at Appliance Repair Franklin Township right away. We promise to respond urgently and conveniently to provide your appliance needs.

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